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You Feel Overwhelmed

Where Do I Begin?

I’m an expert at what I do, but I have so much content. How do I organize it all? I need a formula to structure it. How do I teach to motivate and inspire? I want to showcase my professionalism.

FEELING:    confused

You Dream About

Knowing Exactly What To Do

Your vision for your course, workshop or other learning program is solid. You know how to teach what you know, so your clients will have a REAL learning experience, and enjoy it!

FEELING:    confident

Have you ever wondered how to curate, organize and structure your knowledge and expertise in order to design a true learning experience for your clients – one that addresses various learning styles, motivates your clients, maximizes communication and collaboration, and then some?

I’ll show you how to leverage your expertise while resonating with your target clients no matter the type of learning program – an online course, a workshop, or any other learning program or project.

The Interior Design of Learning

From defining your vision and curating your expertise, to structuring your content and addressing different learning styles, my step-by-step process will guide you every step of the way.









I’m a veteran educator and trainer. Aside from helping entrepreneurs create their own learning projects, my years of experience include university teaching; radio, television & film development and production; film & literary story analysis; senior content specialist; nonprofit grant writing & staff development; diversity training; designing online learning, and developing educational programs for international visitors to the U.S. I’ve worked with people across the globe in North America, Latin America and Africa.
I have a doctorate in education, with specializations in organizational behavior and computer education, and I use this knowledge and experience, along with my own passion for teaching, learning, and all forms of design to help my clients create inspiring experiences for their business.
I’m an avid international film and music enthusiast, and have had a lifelong passion for salsa dancing. I also find time to volunteer with organizations and causes that use fine arts and performing arts to educate and increase societal awareness.
Edie Moore, Ph.D.
Chief Learning Strategist
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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

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