I completed the Curate Your Knowledge program with Edie, and I highly recommend this for any professional – especially entrepreneurs, leaders of nonprofits and anyone who wishes to reach more people and have a more visible public profile. Edie was able to further refine the knowledge and expertise that I’ve accumulated over the years. She gave me great ideas on the practical application and structuring of all my knowledge. From everything we curated, I feel like I have a solid list that I can refer to if I need to give a talk, write a blog, present a workshop, or run a coaching program! This was such a valuable experience. If you feel like you’re at a loss for what you can speak or teach about, or would like to develop your own personal library of resources to have readily available to draw from, sign up for this program. Edie’s ability to draw out your strengths and craft them into various offerings is incredible.


Katy Moses



I highly recommend the Curate Your Knowledge program. After completing the process of curating my expertise, I felt a sigh of relief. The program helped me discover the foundation for what I do, and I walked away with a map I can fill in from A to Z with what I know and do. I now have a tool to use to break everything down, to clarify my work.  Edie’s process of curating knowledge was like a feast – identifying the recipe, and all the little hors d’oeuvres.


Kristie Inhde



Edie, thank you so much for your professional help! I truly enjoyed and found great value in working with you. The Curate Your Knowledge program was a very thorough and detailed process that gave me fresh ideas about how to implement my knowledge, define my mission, and integrate my art and interior design businesses in an actionable, creative, and fun way. I’m so grateful for the clarity this session brought. Now I know what to prioritize!


Ana Matamoros



Edie helped me before and after I launched my first class. I was slightly overwhelmed at the level of detail that she offered BEFORE I even began creating the content. Her process for building a course, from “why” through to the post-course interview was meticulous in its organization. As someone who has no formal teaching experience, I did not realize all of the elements required for curriculum development, presentation, and follow through. Edie is tireless in her commitment towards helping you ensure your students have a successful experience with your course. If your goal is to use your course for continuous income generation, I highly suggest you invest the time with Edie to produce a top-drawer product out of the gate. I had one person ask for a refund from the sales of my first course. I view this as not only a financial victory, but a mental one – the satisfaction and pride that comes with delivering a great product can not be underestimated. I could not have accomplished this without Edie’s guidance.

Eileen Lonergan



Edie forged an accurate connection to who I am and what I’m trying to do. I really felt like I was in capable hands. Her passion for what she does and personal care are palpable.  Edie helped me get out of the spinning vortex of craziness I was stuck in and connect the value of the mind-body connection – something that I wasn’t sure how to accurately describe, but now see that it can all be so simple! The information she gave me on creating content for a webinar provided me with a ton of structure that I didn’t have. I highly recommend working with Edie, it is an investment in your future.

Lainne Patterson



Through my work over the years with her as a primary consultant to the African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation, I have found Dr. Edie Moore to be a top-notch professional, especially adept in the design and delivery of training materials.  She is also an excellent grant writer, a highly efficient researcher, a competent editor and an outstanding presenter.

Russell Adams

Ph.D., Chair & Professor Emeritus, Afro-American Studies, Howard University


In my experience, Edie Moore is an exceptionally talented grant writer. She is able to describe a project, its goals, and outcomes, in clear and persuasive language that has succeeded in attracting national funding for her museum clients.

Kym Rice

Director, Museum Studies Program, The George Washington University



Edie worked for me on contract, as a program director, for the Northwest African American Museum. She was thorough, precise, creative, knowledgeable, straightforward, and a wonderful writer and speaker.  I enjoyed working with her, and continue to do so on occasion. She would be an excellent asset for any professional organization or business that desires to have their products or services portrayed in a positive manner.

Carver Gayton

Ph.D., Founding Exec. Director, Emeritus, Northwest African American Museum, Seattle, WA


Having known Dr. Moore, as a colleague and also as an Instructor for more than twelve years, I was lucky to be one of her students in a course on diversity. Her innovative style inspires motivation, and her expertise as a trainer is unquestionable. She challenges learners to prepare them to adjust to a changing society as futures leaders in society. Any person wanting to receive training from her will be blessed.

Della Goavec

Ph.D., Professor of French & Francophone Literature, Department of Government, International Studies & Languages, University of Central Missouri


For nearly a ten year period, Dr. Moore served as an outstanding consultant to our museum and its numerous stakeholders. Not only did she conceive and develop several innovative professional training and educational programs, but also these programs garnered significant national grant awards for much-needed professional development for our staff and community-based museum programs that benefit the citizens of our Greater U Street Historic District.  With a keen insight into what constitutes an exceptional teaching-learning process, her ideas and implementation strategies were always fresh and intuitive, and that made her guidance invaluable.

Frank Smith

Ph.D., Executive Director, African American Civil War Museum, Washington, DC

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”

– Pablo Picasso

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