Learn as if you were to live forever.

― Mahatma Gandhi

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Before you can dive into creating your course or workshop, you need a plan of action.

You also must identify the specific topic you want to teach.

I’ve created a 90-minute Strategic Planning for Learning Design process that will

pave the way for you to design a learning program that considers your specific market,

its stakeholders, and identify your best next steps.


Strategic Planning for Learning Design

In this 90-minute 1:1 Skype session, I’ll guide you through a process that will provide you with a specific plan of action for creating learning programs for your business.  After our session, I’ll provide you with a written report of recommendations. Within 10 days, we’ll have an additional 30-minute follow-up call so I can provide additional insights and answer any additional questions you may have.  This 90-minute session will provide you with a head start that many never even consider before diving into creating online courses and programs. As a result of this session, you’ll be super clear on:

  • Your position within your market, your internal & external stakeholders, and why they’re all important
  • Your chosen topic, and you’ll receive at least 3 additional topic suggestions based on your expertise
  • How many courses or workshops you could design around your topic
  • Whether or not its best to create a series of courses or workshops, or one larger course
  • The best format in which to develop your topic



Investment: $427

The discounted rate of $147 will apply to all appointments scheduled & held before March 1st. 

“Her innovative style inspires motivation, and her expertise as a trainer is unquestionable. She challenges learners to prepare them to adjust to a changing society as futures leaders in society. Any person wanting to receive training from her will be blessed.”

– Della Goavec, PhD.

Private Consulting

I enjoy working with savvy, motivated entrepreneurs who appreciate the importance of

powerful, effective learning design, and understand how it adds value to their business.

I offer private consulting to only a limited number of clients each month,

so that I can focus my time and attention on giving them the best I have to offer.


Continue reading to learn about the private consulting packages I offer.



The Course Interior Design Creation Package is a 6-week package for clients who have a defined topic, and want guidance through the process of curating their content, to create an outline of each module and lesson in their course. This package is for those who are committed to finalizing their course content within 6 weeks.


  • 1-hour Kick-Off Skype Video Call Session
  • 3 1-hour Skype Video Call Learning Sessions
  • Learning Session Assignments
  • My Signature Lesson Planning Template
  • Email Support
  • Audio Recording of All Sessions
  • 2 15-minute emergency call sessions



This 8-week Intensive package includes everything in the Jumpstart Package, plus:

  • 3 additional 1-hour Skype Sessions
  • 1 additional 15-minute Emergency Session
  • A 1-hour Teaching Practice Session
  • A 45-minute Visuals for Learning Session



The VIP package is 12 weeks and include all the elements of the Intensive package, plus:

  • 2 additional 1-hour Learning Visuals Sessions
  • 3 additional 1-hour Learning Design Sessions
  • 2 1-hour Sessions on Developing Learning Activities
  • A 90-minute Kick-Off Skype Session
  • 3 45-minute Teaching Sessions
  • 4 15-minute Emergency Calls

“Real learning comes about when

the competitive spirit has ceased.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

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