Learn as if you were to live forever.

― Mahatma Gandhi

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Before you can dive into designing your course, workshop,

or coaching program, you need a plan of action.

Your action plan is built upon your curated expert knowledge,

so it supports the message you want to share.

“I highly suggest you invest the time with Edie to produce a top-drawer product out of the gate…I view this as not only a financial victory, but a mental one – the satisfaction and pride that comes with delivering a great product can not be underestimated. I could not have accomplished this without Edie’s guidance.” 

– Eileen Lonergan, www.elegantmarketplace.net

Curate Your Knowledge: Design Your Program Outline


You’re an entrepreneur, perhaps a coach or an author, with lots of ideas for using your expert knowledge. One of those ideas is to design a program – an online course, a virtual workshop, a blog or podcast series, or a framework for your coaching program – to serve your clients and your business in several ways.

Designing a program will help increase your visibility, grow your community, and leverage your expertise. It will also provide you with an additional revenue stream, and allow you to share your vision with more clients.

You know all of this, but you’re overwhelmed by just the thought of trying to organize all the parts of your particular genius to clearly express and structure your knowledge into a real learning experience.

In fact, you find yourself asking: Where Do I Begin?

You’re feeling stuck, because you’re not sure how to identify the content that makes you unique, or whether the content you do have reflects the message you want to teach.

You’re unsure how to integrate your creative side into the formal side of a learning experience.

You wish you had an actionable outline, and an opportunity to flesh out the strengths of your work, so you can establish a strong foundation to design the various programs that actually help your clients learn what it is you want them to know.


Imagine Having the Scope of Your Content Clarified


What if you could begin and launch every new program with a calm confidence?

You’ve identified your unique “why”, curated your most dynamic content, and you know how to use both to make the biggest impact.

You feel relaxed – no longer wondering about the best content you can offer to your clients, or the message you share with them, because you know precisely what those are.

You feel you finally have a solid foundation, and inspiring content, to work from as you develop programs for your business. You now have a complete content outline for the design of each of your programs and a plan to implement them.

You see that the possibilities are endless – not only for designing programs or transforming your book into a program or course, but for your entire business.

You’re leading your business, and working with clients, with a certain air of boldness now – creating programs, products, and services with confidence as you showcase your expert knowledge.

In essence, you’ve raised the content knowledge game of your business, and you’re seen as distinct in your field. You’re ready and able to truly inspire your clients with an enjoyable learning experience.

Do you experience these feelings?

  • You’re confused about how to choose your best knowledge [content] for the course, workshop, blog or podcast series, or coaching program you want to create
  • You wonder why, even though you’re an expert at what you do, you just can’t seem to pull together the exact pieces of content knowledge to show that you are
  • You’d love to be seen as a unique voice within your field, but you’re not quite sure how to reveal the remarkable parts of what you do
  • You want to create innovative programs and services, but you need a process

I can help you move from the path of uncertainty and complication to the path of illumination and meaning, giving you an edge as you design any learning experience.

I’m a content strategist and curator for entrepreneurs who want to share a meaningful, inspiring message with a learning program that leverages their expertise. I work with authors, coaches, and consultants who want to design an online course, virtual workshop, blog or podcast series, or coaching program, around their expertise or an already published book. They seek clarity on what content to select and how to organize it. I help them structure their knowledge so it engages their audience, while demonstrating their knowledge and authority in their field.

I developed the Curate Your Knowledge: Design Your Program Outline to help you identify your most unique content, so you can learn how curating your knowledge can help you innovate in your business and design programs that resonate with your clients. 


Curate Your Knowledge: Design Your Program Outline


The Knowledge Clarity Questionnaire

Before our session, you’ll complete the Curate Your Knowledge Questionnaire.

The questionnaire will help provide us with greater clarity on who you are, how you wish to be seen as a professional in your field, and the message you want to share with others. You’ll also respond to questions about your current programs, services, and the processes you use with clients. This will help both of us begin the process of identifying the content that best reflects your business goals and overall vision.

Curating Your Expert Knowledge

This 6-week program includes:

  • Six 75-minute customized sessions, including an Opening Session
  • One 30-minute Wrap-Up Session
  • E-mail communication twice each week, so you can ask questions and receive feedback as you work through each weekly assignment
  • A customized Session Guide for all 5 sessions
  • A Curated Knowledge Catalog
  • A Guide to Developing Modules
  • A Guide to Developing Module Lessons 
  • My personalized and professional guidance through a process that gives you a specific plan of action to finally design the program you’re most excited about creating for your business

Prior to each session, you’ll receive a customized Session Guide

We’ll begin our work together in the Opening Session, reviewing your responses to the Curate Your Knowledge Questionnaire, and then move to the bulk of our discussion where we’ll flush out the most crucial information related to your program’s message and your business. Be ready to experience ‘ah-ha’ moments around your process and your business during this program as we uncover the most important foundational pieces of what you do. You’ll feel a sense of clarity about what you do, how you do it, and how that directly relates to the precise message you share in every program you create. 

After each Curate Your Knowledge session, you’ll be given an assignment to reinforce what you’ve learned and help you gain additional insight prior to your next session. 


Curated Knowledge Catalog

Our work together will involve curating your expert knowledge and creating a catalog for that knowledge that you can use as the foundational tool for not just designing your programs, but for your entire business. I’ll work with you to build your Curated Knowledge Catalog – a handbook of your unique expertise, to use as a guide as you design your program and for all your future programs and services.

Program Outline Guide

I’ll work with you step-by-step to complete the Program Outline Guide for a program of your choice – an online course, workshop, coaching program, a blog or podcast series, or video series. The Project Outline Form will provide you with a guide during our sessions, and help you to to not only understand the process, but to implement your Curated Knowledge Catalog and precisely communicate your message as we design the outline of your program . 

Curated Knowledge Wrap-Up Session

After you’ve completed program, we’ll schedule a final 45-minute Wrap-Up Session where I’ll answer any questions, and provide you with additional insights relevant to your unique program design process. I’ll also provide you with two ideas for themes you may wish to use to enhance your programs, as well as your overall business.

Our time together will provide you with a head start – a foundation – that will support you as you dive into designing online courses, coaching programs, blog and podcast series, or workshops. You’ll be a step ahead of the rest after this program!

If you’re ready to curate the best knowledge you have, and design a signature program to help you to stand out in your field, click the button below and sign up to work with me!

Scheduling your session is an easy all-in-one process:

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Two days prior to your scheduled session, you’ll receive a Reminder of your Scheduled Session.


Investment: $1997

“I completed the Curate Your Knowledge program with Edie, and I highly recommend this for any professional – especially entrepreneurs, leaders of nonprofits and anyone who wishes to reach more people and have a more visible public profile. Edie was able to further refine the knowledge and expertise that I’ve accumulated over the years. She gave me great ideas on the practical application and structuring of all my knowledge. From everything we curated, I feel like I have a solid list that I can refer to if I need to give a talk, write a blog, present a workshop, or run a coaching program! This was such a valuable experience. If you feel like you’re at a loss for what you can speak or teach about, or would like to develop your own personal library of resources to have readily available to draw from, sign up for this program. Edie’s ability to draw out your strengths and craft them into various offerings is incredible.”

— Katy Moses, www.katymoses.com

More Ways That We Can Work Together

I enjoy working with savvy, motivated entrepreneurs who appreciate the importance of

powerful, effective learning design, and understand how it adds value to their business.

I offer private consulting to a limited number of clients each month, so I can focus my

time and attention on giving them the best I have to offer. Continue reading to learn

about the other ways we can work together.



This 1:1 workshop series package is for the entrepreneur – the coach, author, or consultant – who wants to fully develop a program for their business with personalized expert guidance. This 4-month workshop series is customized to your unique situation. In this personalized workshop, you’ll design and develop a complete program of your choice – an online course, workshop, coaching program, a video series, or a blog or podcast series. In addition, you’ll learn to implement valuable research strategies to pinpoint what your ideal clients want, and how to take your business to the next level by learning to innovate in your business. Our work together will take place in a series of virtual VIP sessions based on your goals, and are scheduled based upon your day and time preferences.

Schedule a Call so we can discuss your vision and the goals you have for designing a program to upscale your business.

Investment: $3297

“Real learning comes about when

the competitive spirit has ceased.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

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